I don’t understand what the bandage is still valid for? What has been the value of not allowing normal life to function for a part of the day so far? In addition to stifling the economy and “extinguishing rubber” jobs, what else is worth to us? Or just to please the tyrannical ego of a person who has decided to try to approach Enver Hoxha. Plenty of mockery. It’s too much for a clown like you. Release the 24/7 watch band and let people protect themselves, as they have done so far. The rules of hygiene and physical distance must be respected, but there is no need for dictatorship, people are wise. Even the vast majority are wiser than those who are running the country today.

Let people be free! Let them have the opportunity to continue living normally. Open bars and restaurants with pick up option and of course with conditions for maintaining hygiene and physical distance, but at least the people have a chance and hope to return to normalcy. To start collecting, to start paying real wages, not like these ridiculous salaries you give them. Intercity transport is allowed for people to enjoy the beach on sunny days, and to drink and eat at the beach bars and restaurants. Of course with the rules of hygiene, disinfection and physical distancing. It is tourism that is being talked about, it is the cordial spin of the wine economy in Albania.

People are not protected by the number of hours they spend indoors, they are protected by the way they behave when they are outside. And the Albanians, after these 40 days, showed quarantine with facts that they know how to protect themselves.

Give businesses the opportunity to think about how to recover, not how to close activities and quit jobs. Economics is a matter of perception.

You can’t save the economy with packages. Germany and the United States cannot escape, not you with your ridiculous packages. The economy is like the human body. 80% of healing comes from within, by its own mechanisms. The best packages help a maximum of 20%. Create the conditions and see how well it all works. But you have to set it free.


Everyone is old enough to know how to protect themselves. They figured out what to do and will continue to do it themselves. There is no need for a siege, police, or tanks. You can’t become a dictator. It’s ridiculous to be like that, no matter how hard you try.